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Muscle Massage Gun

Muscle Massage Gun

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Pain relief through Percussion Therapy 

Targeted percussion on tight, sore muscles helps to relieve pain by relaxing trigger points, lengthening the muscles and dissipating lactic acid, percussion therapy also interrupt neurological pain frequencies, reducing pain even further

Improved flexibility and mobility 

The deep vibrations delivered by a muscle massage gun improve blood and lymphatic circulation, improved blood circulation can also help boost your flexibility and mobility

Injury prevention

Using a massage gun before you workout can help warm up and wake up your muscles before you start to move, increasing your range of motion and reducing the chance of injury


Massage guns can be used to supplement rehabilitation after injury. As well as general muscle soreness, percussion therapy has also been known to help treat fibromyalgia, sciatica and shin splints. 

Improved sleep 

Massaging your body regularly releases serotonin which keeps you relaxed, the body also releases melatonin, a chemical responsible for keeping you asleep when you need to be

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