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Knot Pillow

Knot Pillow

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Create comfort everywhere you go

This round boucle knot pillow has the perfect height and shape to let all users feel extremely comfortable and relaxed when using. Find the ideal position for any activity - reading, travelling, watching TV or simply laying and cuddling with this soft and durable pillow. 

Sensory pillow 

These pillows can be beneficial for people managing sensory issues. It can help with tactile sensitivity as well as being a good option for stress and anxiety relief

High quality materials 

The lamb wool fabric exterior is filled with high quality PP cotton making it soft and gentle on your skin. Soft, breathable and delicate these materials combine good elasticity with strong resiliance. 

Easy to clean 

Spot clean your knotted pillow with ease, with the added benefit of being machine washable in a low temperature, gentle cycle, allowing your pillow to remain clean and fluffy.

Hand made 

Each knot pillow is hand sewn, individually stuffed and knotted with quality.

Stylish decor 

Combine practicality with decoration. Add a pop of colour and style to your decor or to your next gift. Knot pillows come in a variety of colours and sizes for use in any room of the house




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