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Cupping Massage Cups

Cupping Massage Cups

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Benefits for everyone

Cupping is used to treat lack of mobility, tight muscles, scars and many diagnoses like headaches, tendinitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, and release of trigger points. Cupping is very relaxing and generally not painful

Cupping for muscle pain and knots

Suction from cupping draws fluid into the treated area. This suction force expands and breaks open tiny blood vessels (capillaries) under the skin. Your body treats the cupping area like an injury. It sends more blood to the area to stimulate the natural healing process

Stay at home 

You can enjoy cupping in the comfort of your home at any time without needing to book in at a clinic

Instant Relief 

Treatments such as acupuncture are great but it can take a few days to get the full benefits of such treatments. At home cupping can provide instant relief to sore areas, mostly permanently if treatment is done 2-3 times a week

Reduce anxiety 

Cupping engages your parasympathetic nervous system. This promotes deep relaxation to move through your entire body.


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